Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Football Treat Bags

I bought these little muslin bags at a garage sale about 10yrs. ago thinking someday I will do something cute with them, well today is the day. It just so happens my sons school colors are red and gold so this works out great.
 The First thing I did was pull up my Inspiration Studio Pro Software and make a few stamps, pride matters is the logo as we are the lions.
 Then my friend Shelly and I stamped all the bags, all 101 of them.
 Filled them with candy,
 And wala, custom made treat bags for the JV and Varsity football teams in their school colors.

All of this made possible by the Pazzles Inspiration and their Stamp Kit .

1 comment:

Krista's Paper Cafe said...

Wonderful marg! And kids can help stamp!
I have the P stamp kit, but have not yet tried it.