Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pazzles Cruise to Alaska

Even if you don't have a Pazzles and just want to go on a great vacation, you can do this. I would love to see a lot of people join us, even if you don't craft, because you can just play and enjoy your time.
                                                                                                                                                                                Wishing you could join the Pazzles cruise to Alaska? A Cruise reservation would be the perfect Valentine's gift! Share this post to drop a hint to someone...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hubby gets the awesomeness of Pazzles Inspiration

 So my hubby has a couple of guys at work who are about to hit their 20 yr. anniversary with the company and he wants to do something to commemorate it for them. Now we have been racking our brains on what to do, first of all their men so frilly fufu just wont work and I have already done etched beer mug for them and they work in the electronics industry so we need something related to their work.
 So my hubby came home the other day with these round mirror looking things he called Electrodes I guess they came off of a machine and asked if I could etched them, well I don't see why not," wrong" apparently you can't, whatever they are made of won't etch and trust me I left the etching cream on plenty long enough and nothing not even a scratch.
 Alright on to Idea 2, maybe I can make a stencil and use alcohol ink or paint imagine my surprise when the ink just beaded up and it has tiny hole which aloud ink to get under the stencil." Fail" What the heck is this thing made out of? OK Idea 3 Vinyl that should do it and thank God it worked because I was really running out of ideas.
 So here is the stencil and the final product, with just one stencil I was able to try 3 different ideas. So I have to say with out my Pazzles Inspiration this would not have been possible. The Inspiration really gives you the ability to do things in so many different ways.  

            Just between you and me hubby hit 20 yrs. this year too so guess who this one is for?

 Pazzles Inspiration