Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Help! I can't choose!

I want to tryout for the pazzles design team, but here is my problem, I can't choose which projects to enter so that's where you all come in. I have loaded about 14 pictures of projects here that I have done using my Pazzles Inspiration Cutter and you all should help me choose which ones to use, the rules say 3 or 4 entries. Now remember when choosing your favorites they must showcase, creativity and a broad range of talent and abilities of the cutter and me.

So here we go
" All you need" is done with the pentool.
base file is party cracker from the pazzles craftroom library, then I changed a few things and made it my own.
Round Box file from the craftroom.
Troop shirts, stencil cut with pazzles cutter.

 Coach Cards some started with a SVG base file.
Retreat word book all cut out on Pazzles and the designer paper was designed in the pazzles software.
More of the paper designed in my software.
 This banner was designed and cute from the software for the court of honor for boyscouts.

This Banner is with the same file but is double sided to cover two holidays.
Luminary I designed then about 3 weeks later I saw one similar online somewhere, might have been in the craftroom, just goes to say great minds think alike.
Etched Beermugs, made the stencils with my pazzles software.

Block Project, 1/4 turn gets you a different holiday starting with Halloween, all lettering was cut out on pazzles.
Alright your turn to weigh in let me know what you think, Choose 3 or 4 of you favorites. I will be taking suggestions till Friday the 9th that gives me a week to get them in.


Linda said...

I was always impressed with your glass etching so that would be one. I like the purse too. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Block project - shows versatility

etched class - different application, not typically used, don't think this application was used before in craftroom

Good luck, I'd vote for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the party cracker, I could see this right next to the wrapping paper at Hallmarks 8 ) Good luck Margie! Joyce

Anonymous said...

I really like your blocks with the holidays!