Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting A New Craftroom

Ok you remember this, it's my current craftroom I did a video on it, well we are moving and so I get to remake my craftroom and I am so excited. I am going from 11x13 to 11x24 so that means more room again so excited.

current craftroom

Alright here is the new space.

Love the french doors

I have already taken off the closet doors to open it up and I think I'm going to use one for my new work table.
Can you say really big closet

Ok so thats all the before pictures, I will add more pictures as I progress.


Katknit said...

I love your new space... can hardly wait to see how you set it up!!!!!

Brynn Eades said...

so much natural light from that big window! yeah, you will hafta use a lot of that closet to make up for all that wall space with doors on it! cant wait to see it!

Klo said...

So excited for you, loving it.