Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vacation Update

It's day 5 of our Yellowstone vacation and boy have we seen alot, waterfalls and mountians and wildlife, we seen geysers and hot spring and boiling mud we have seen sulfer pots and lakes and more wildlife. Sofar we have been to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone and we have stayed in 4 different hotels all on our way to the pazzles retreat. The weather was kinda suckie at the tetons so we couldn't see the top of the mountians which was dissapointing I really wanted my son to see them but we still had a good time.
I have a few video snippits for you however I think it's going to take to long to upload on my netbook so I'll wait till we get home for those but here are a few pictures and I'll add more in a few days, ok we are off to Glacier Park.


MILA25 said...

Beautiful autumn. Such gold as we have in Poland. Have a nice holiday . Hugs Mila :)

the cricutologist said...