Saturday, April 30, 2011


ok I took Paula's suggestion and too the day off and celebrated with William & Kathrine, but now I'm back in my real world and I must craft so today I'm going to look back and see what I've done the last year and set some new goals for my blog.

Last years goals

1. get my craftyness out there for people to see (I think I did that I now have 157 followers and over 5000 visits to my blog).

2. get a video camers and teach my self how to make tutorials (done)

3. this wasn't a goal but I did participate in 2 blog hops.

This years goals

1. Become more profecient in my video making (ie learn to edit them)

2. Make and show more cards for Operation Write Home (very dear to my heart)

3.Teach my self how to add sharing links so I can share files I make.

4. and last but not least get more followers...LOL

Now for a few cards for Operation Write Home, tha deadline for Fathers day is May 21st so thats what I'm working on.


massofhair said...

Hi Marg, so glad you took the day off and enjoyed THE Wedding, wasn't it fantastic! I did have a tiny tear when William looked at his beautiful new wife and smiled at her so very lovingly. He reminded me so much of his Mum and i was a tad sad she wasn't physically there to celebrate his wonderful day. Really hope you enjoyed the spectacle, the colours and the music...

Great idea to have some Blog goals and i like yours very much. There is a very easy way to share your files. If you go to my Wordpress Blog you will find a page called Pazzle Inspiration. Click onto the page and follow the link for a couple of free files i have there. The link will take you to a free place to upload your files and you can see if you like how it works. If you like it let me know and i will email you the details, it is very easy. You will be sharing your files in no time which would be great for me lol:-)

To attract more followers if you have the time, perhaps you could join a challenge site or two. There is one which is fantastic called Less Is More and the link is:
I have been a LImette from the beginning and am now quite addicted to their weekly challenge. would be great to see you there. I have been playing 13 weeks and have gained approx 19 new followers which is amazing for me as i think my blog is very boring.

Anyway stopping this essay and going to get some sleep now. If you do visit my blogger Blog you can see what i've been submitting.

Hope to see you at class this Tuesday as i know Klo is having one. Take care:-) xxx

massofhair said...

Stupid me i forgot to say how fantastic your cards are! Really like the addition of the twine as it adds texture and depth to those cards. great colour choices too:-) xxx