Monday, October 25, 2010

Card Call For Operation Write Home

Today I packaged up 59 cards for Operation Write Home, some were made by me and some were made by the wonderful ladies at the Timber Point school scrapbook fundraiser (thank you ladies). It really does my heart good to know I had some small part in making a soldiers time away from home and family a little easier, so today I ask that you give a soldier the chance to write home to their family on a lovley handmade card (no glitter please) mail me the cards and I will get them to where they need to be. You can leave me a comment here with your email and I will give you my address. The deadline for holidays cards is Oct 30 and I dont think we can make that but Valentines Day is comming and many husbands and wives are apart at this time, birthday cards are always good, themes like missing you, thinking of you, I love you and just general cards for notes are always good. Remember no glitter and the cards should be standard A2 size thats what works the best.

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paperHoot said...

This is such a great cause! Thanks for sharing :)