Friday, July 9, 2010


What an awesome time we had with my sister and her family, we did everything horseback riding, snorlking, luaus, cultural center, hiking to waterfalls and of corse the beaches.


Anonymous said...

Cute Marg!! I haven't seen these yet! You'll have to show me the scrap book I know you already made! LOL You might look into that making themed/custom scrapbooks for people. They just give u the pics and you go to town! Great gift ideas!! Christmas, birthdays, etc.

Auntie Marg said...

Haven't even started the scrapbook for this trip, so many pictures to go through, mine and my sisters. My last trip to hawaii took 4yrs to scrapbook.I really like your Idea about the custome scrapbooks and I have thought of doing that but its really hard to do someone elses scrapbook without having been to the events.