Monday, May 10, 2010

Years of service

Ok my hubbie comes home one day and hands me this cheesy looking card that looks like someone printed it out on brochure paper at home with nothing on the inside and tells me thats what his company gives to their employes for 5,7,10 years of service with their certificate, he took the cards out and through them in the garbage, then he asked me if I'm going to hand out their certificates could you make me better cards that look like someone actualy cares, so this is what I came up with. First Its mostly men then second most of them have higher education

so no cheesy card would do. Inside says thank you for your years of service and dedication name, all done in company colors

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Anonymous said...

Very nice card for a service anniversary acknowledgement. So nice too that your husband cares enough to want something better for his employees and that he came to you to help him. That make me smile. Love the card too!